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Strategic business partnerships with other ministries and organizations are beneficial to CSM. Combining our calling and gifts to serve the people of God and the world at large takes the right heart and the right steps to make sure the partnerships work. CSM recognizes the following organizations with whom we have strategic partnerships. Click on the image to view the partner’s  website.

Roscoe Hilliard, CEO of Revelation Flow is the baby brother of Dr. Cassandra Scott and the Lead Pastor of the church, Turning Point Faith Ministries. Together, they are a brother/sister duo anointed to lead and love the Body of Christ. Revelation Flow is the business enterprise of Roscoe Hilliard.

Roscoe works with the Public School System collaborating with administrators, counselors and campus police providing awareness, prevention, and enforcement strategies that increase campus safety and decrease student at-risk behavior. In addition, he works with one of Houston’s most prestigious Sober Living Centers providing immediate support, recovery resources, encouragement and accountability to doctors, attorneys, professional  athletes, and prominent businessmen on their road to recovery.

To God be the Glory! Inspired by his personal testimony of overcoming 10 years of drug addiction, Roscoe has surpassed 20 years uninterrupted sobriety. His ambition is to expand services to organizations providing sensational Recovery Coaching for adults and Proactive Prevention Presentation influencing elementary students to live drug-free. Visit Roscoe at his Facebook Group Page.


Dr. Merle Ray has been a close friend and partner to Dr. Cassandra Scott for over 20 years. Dr. Ray is a professional consultant, strategist, publisher, and licensed minister for over 15 years. She and her former husband were church pastors in the Scott’s family church when she began working with Pastor Cassandra Scott.

Dr. Ray was the second participant in 1997 to become pregnant and birthed two sons through the prayers and intercession of Dr. C’s Fruitful Womb Ministry.

Today, she is a leading ministry developer, author, master teacher/trainer and certified across (4) marketplace sectors. She hosts “Birth Your Brilliance” and has been instrumental in the founding vision and continued development for CSM, TPFM, BYB, and GPH. Dr. Ray has written over 7 books and published over 57 for other pastors, leaders, and speakers.

Contact Dr. Ray at her website for consulting, coaching, training, business and ministry development.


Apostle Carnail Stokes and Dr. Cassandra met in 2018 and their partnership in ministry has taken off like a whirlwind. Apostle Carnail Stokes hosts “Habitnation” and has been pastoring and church planting for over 13 years.

Apostle Stokes’ Ministry stands as a prophetic and apostolic voice emerging in the nation. Being called of God, Apostle Stokes strives to go in to regions and establish the Kingdom of God to the glory of God.

As a revivalist, Apostle Stokes leads dynamic habitations of the Holy Spirit that manifest supernatural outpourings and impartations of discipleship teaching.

Carnail Stokes is compelled to empower the lives of the believers by revealing and teaching the truths and mysteries of the word of God, by ministering a relevant word with practical application, and demonstration of power. Visit him at his website at:





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July 21, 2019

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