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  1. Hello Dr. Cassandra Scott
    I want to let you know how our Global Home Prayer Line is coming along.
    On January 18, 2019, our prayer line consisted of 7 people. We started at
    7:30pm CST. We open up in prayer and afterwards we did prayer request
    and praise report. I talked about the spirit of rejection and my husband
    talked about presenting your bodies as a living sacrifice. The spirit of God
    had truly met us on the prayer line. I want to thank you for pourig out into us
    and allowing God to use you. Thank you.

    • Good morning Kurt & Vernice,
      Thank you for your update on your Global Prayer Home, and making an IMPACT in the Kingdom of God. This is FANTASTIC news. We will pass your Comments on to Pastor C and celebrate with you the great works, the Lord will do for you and those connected to you on the Global Prayer Home’s Circle of Influence.

      Blessings… CSM Administration