Prayer Teams

Judah comes from the Hebrew word Yadah which means to praise, to give thanks, to glorify or to acknowledge God. Judah was Jacob’s fourth son by his wife Leah. Judah is used in the Bible four distinct ways: a) man Judah (son of Jacob and Leah); b) tribe descended from Judah; c) territory occupied by the tribe; d) the kingdom established on that territory. The tribe of Judah always marched out first in battle. Their call was to rule, to lead in battle, and to worship. Worship and warfare always go together. If you are called to worship, you are also called to war.


Dr. Winetta Flakes
Serves CSM as Sr. Director of the Tribe of Judah out of which have been birthed six other tribes, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th generations Tribe of Judah. She was ordained into the office of Apostle on February 28, 2009. She currently attends Truth Community Church in Spring, TX. Dr. Flakes along with her husband R.L. Flakes are the owners and founders of Champion Security Agency, in Houston, TX. She, along with her sister Tina Land are the founders of Women in the Inner Circle (A Prayer Ministry) founded in 1998 and is still growing strong.




Jesse McPherson
Sr. Director of the 2nd Generation (Men)-Bishop Jesse McPherson


(Prayer Ministry) founded in 1998 and is still growing strong.



2nd Generation (Men)-Pastor Don Turner

Tribe of Judah – Men, 2nd Generation
Tribe Administrator:   Min. Ursula Ratcliffe




3rd Generation – Min. Hope Ewing

4th Generation – Pastors Thomas & Tina Land   [Judah Marriage]

5th Generation –   Cortney Kossie & Tesslyn Land [Young Judah]

6th Generation –  Min. Carmella Sanford


Issachar was the ninth son of Jacob and fifth son of Leah. Issachar means: “he will bring a reward or by definition ‘wages’”. Issachar was grouped together with Judah and Zebulun as the lead group that would march out first. Jacob blessed Issachar by saying that he was a man of strength who would not hold back from hard work to establish a secure place to rest. The men of Issachar understood the times and knew what Israel should do. We find Issachar linked with prosperity, intercession, and blessing.


Deborah AndersonApostle Deborah Anderson  – Overseer
Serves as the Senior Director and Overseer for the Tribes of Issachar. She serves the ministry of El Shaddai International Christian Center under the pastoral and apostolic leadership of Pastor Ramson Mumba. She is also the Founder of Fully Persuaded Ministries International, a non-traditional, Kingdom “Movement” ministry since 2002, whose mission is to build ministries, edify, strengthen, activate, confirm, and release the gifts of God for those who see their calling beyond the four walls of “having church as usual minister in the marketplace. Deborah accepted the call in 1990, preached her first sermon in 1994. She is licensed, ordained and was confirmed to the Office of Apostle in 2006. She holds a Bachelor Degree in Christian Theology and a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration. A highly sought after speaker, entrepreneur, legal professional, licensed realtor, mentor, and spiritual mother for many sons and daughters, who has ministered across the nation for over twenty-three years. Deborah is the Author of a destined bestselling book entitled, “Apostolic Women Ministries Birthing Nations: A 21st Century Guide For 21st Century Ministry”! With the rapid growth and national expansion of the CSM Prayer Line, Apostle Deborah became the Senior Director of the Tribe of Issachar according to the apostolic and prophetic mantle that she was carrying through Fully Persuaded Ministries. From Apostle Deborah’s servant leadership for three years, two Directors were birthed: Prophetess Dana Carmouche (Tribe of Issachar 2nd Generation) and Prophetess Felisha Morgan (The Tribe of Asher). She has one son and three gifted grandchildren.


1st Generation –  Dr.  Stephanie Dukes, Prophetess 

Dr. Stephanie Dukes (Prophetess), a servant of the Most High God and an Ambassador for Christ, whose main desire and goal in life is to see mankind reconciled back to God. Dr. Dukes was raised in Church by her parents Jane and Dudley Stevens of Eunice, La. She developed personal relationship with God at age 13, and was saved. Dr. Dukes has been preaching since January 1991. She was licensed to preach the Gospel in 1997.   She is married to Pastor Robert Dukes. They have four lovely children and nine beautiful grandchildren.

Dr. Dukes also graduated from McNeese State University with a Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Criminal Justice. She then attended and graduated from International Seminary of Plymouth Florida with a Diploma in Practical Theology and Christian Counseling; and was ordained upon completion in 2002. She attended International Miracles Institute in Pensacola; Fl. and received her Master and then her Doctorate Degrees in Theology in 2014.

Dr.  Stephanie accomplishes her God given assignments with the assistance of her spouse Pastor Robert Dukes. Together they pastor Anointed Warriors of God Outreach Ministry located in Gautier, MS.  Through the outreach ministry they conduct conferences, retreats and seminars throughout the United States. Dr. Stephanie Dukes is the Overseer of Outreach Ministries through Vision of Hope Ministries in Louisiana, under the leadership of Bishop B.K. Stevens.  Dr. Dukes conducts Spiritual Warfare Training and Prayer Clinics. She and her husband also conduct marriage and healthy relationship trainings. In the secular world, she trains foster parents to become effective, loving resource parents.

Dr. Stephanie has been blessed by God to be the Founder, Executive Director and Host of her own T.V. Talk Show, entitled BIG Girls Talk with Stephanie & Friends. The show provides Simple Solutions for Sensitive Situations.

She is the humbled, blessed Director of Tribe of Issachar 1st Generation. To God Be the Glory for all he has done in her life. Philippians 4:20

Church: Anointed Warriors of God Outreach Ministry.
Gautier, MS
Tribe of Issachar 1st Generation
Tribe Administrator:


2nd Generation – Prophetess Kimberly Jackson Jones

Kimberly Jackson-Jones is a native Houstonian who has been happily married to Minister Tommy Jones since December 1996. Together they have three handsome sons Dominic, Tommy Jr., and Anthony; and one beautiful daughter Kelsey.

Kimberly is the Visionary of S.W.A.N.S International (Sisters With Anointed Nurturing Spirits) a community based women’s ministry since 2005 and S.I.P Ministries (Soaking in His Presence) where she is affectionately known as “The Soaking Lady” since 2012 as she teaches people how to develop “True Intimacy” with our Heavenly Father. With a Prophetic Mantle on her life, Kimberly is a recognized Prophetess and has been serving as a Licensed and Ordained Minister of the Gospel since December 2006.

Kimberly holds a Bachelor’s Degree of Arts in Theology since June 2009 through Calvary Theological Seminary of Lake Charles, Louisiana under the Director of Studies Dr. Barbara Wright. Her accomplishments include a Certification of “An Elite Intercessor ” recognized November 2009 by African Missionary Foundation Inc. AMF School of Prophets and Intercessors under Prophet Nathaniel Nwobu and a Certification of Completion by Elijah to Elisha Apostolic Prophetic Training Center where Kimberly served as part of the staff from February 2005-2015 faithfully under Dr. Ida B. Ullrich.

Kimberly serves as a Director on Dr. Cassandra Scott Ministries International Prayer Line. Kimberly’s greatest passion is Prayer and it is this foundation of Prayer that has allowed her to be used in a capacity that brings Glory to God as she fulfills the Mandate on her life.

Church: Victory Christian Center.
Houston, Texas

Tribe of Issachar 2nd Generation
Tribe Administrator: Elder Jerrelyn Gaines

3rd Generation  – Prophetess Maria Ivery

Prophetess Ivery has been teaching and preaching the Gospel throughout the Delaware Valley for the past decade.  She has ministered in the missionary fields of Puerto Rico, Haiti, Bermuda, and received outreach missionary training in Jerusalem.

Prophetess Ivery was ordained as a Missionary and Minister in 1993.  In 1997, she was ordained as an Elder at the Rock Church Family Worship Center under the leadership of Pastors Bryant-Lee and the late Charlene Phillips where she served as an Executive Board member and Minister Director of the new Member’s Training Classl.  In 1999, Prophetess Ivery completed her specialized training in the Prophetic, which involved the “Five-fold” Ministry Gifts, specifically in the Office of Prophet from the Eagle’s Nest Prophetic College where she later became an Instructor and Board Member of the International Apostolic Prophetic Network (I.A.P.N.) founded by Ricci J. Hausley.  She also earned accredited ministry training from the Mount Airy Religious Training Institute (M.A.R.T.A. Philadelphia, PA 1992), the Jameson School of Ministry (Philadelphia, PA, 1994) and the Victory Christian Center’s School of the Word, (Philadelphia, PA, 1994)

Prophetess Ivery is a certified life coach and also a registered nurse who graduated from Albert Einstein School of Nursing in 1983.  She is currently working at Texas Children’s Hospital Pavilion for Women.  Her spiritual gifting has also offered the opportunity to have served as a chaplain to psychiatric patients at Temple University Hospital in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Well-traveled, Prophetess Ivery has presented numerous seminars, workshops, and lectures on the Gift of Prophecy, the Office of the Prophet, Prophetic Intercession, the “Five-fold” Ministry Gifts, Spiritual Birthing classes and Spiritual Midwifery for Expecting parents , Specialized Instruction for Menopausal Women, Women’s Ministry Summits and Ministry Design Training Conferences.

Prophetess Ivery is the daughter of Elder Lillian Brooks, and has one daughter, Ivery Brown, and one granddaughter, Hanniah Brown.

Word of Restoration International Church Rosharon TX
Focus on Jesus Int’l Ministries

Adm Lashanda Brown
Assistant Haneefah Cohn
Assistant Danita Ruff


4th Generation – Prophetess Tomeikla Brooks






Jackson, MS
Tribe of Issachar 4th Generation
Tribe Administrator:   Min. Malina Moffett

5th Generation – Dr. Esther Wiltz, Apostle

Apostle Esther Wiltz is from Lafayette, LA.  She is married with 2 Adult Children (Husband: Joseph Kids: Kendrah and Joe III)

Apostle Wiltz is also a Minister at Global House of Praise in Port Barre, LA  Pastor Bobby Gradney and Co-Pastor Jeannie Gradney.  She joined Cassandra Scott Ministries International Prayerline Jan 2015, and became Director May 2016.  Dr. Wiltz is an Ordained Elder and operates under mantle of Apostle in 5-fold Ministry.

She co-founded WHOLE SCROLL MINISTRIES, an Outreach Ministry that reaches out in areas of Applying the Word of God for a victorious Kingdom Lifestyle through Gatherings for Women.  God established BE MADE WHOLE through Dr. Wiltz, a Ministry of Restoration and Deliverance

She also facilitated a call for over 8 years where married women dialed in to a conference call and prayed for their Husbands:  called Praying Wives United.   Out of this Ministry, another call was birthed for Parents: Arise Praying Parents and is still in existence today.


Church:  Global House of Praise in Port Barre, LA 

Zebulun was the sixth son of Jacob and Leah. His name means “a habitation” from a root word, which means “to dwell in an exalted fashion.” Moses prophesied to Zebulun and Issachar together that Zebulun would rejoice in going out and Issachar would stay in his tents. This tribe is linked with bestowing blessing and with the ability to profit through maritime trade. They had the ability to break iniquity off of trade structures and multiply. They developed and filled storehouses for provision, which was one of their roles.


Evangelist Veronica Harrison
Serves CSM as Director of the Tribe of Zebulun out of which has birthed two (2) second generation Tribes: Naphtali and Reuben.  She is a native of Houston, Texas.  The second daughter of six siblings born to Joe and the late Hazel Flagg.

Evangelist Veronica Harrison received her High School Diploma from Kashmere Senior High School in Houston Texas. She attended Austin College in Sherman Texas, and University of Houston Downtown, Houston, Texas.

Employed with the U. S Postal Service for 34 years. Evangelist Veronica is a member of the Fifth Ward Missionary Baptist Church, Houston TX, Pastor, Timothy W. Criswell, Servant. She is anointed and loves to sing God’s praises and serves in the Adult Choir, Praise & Worship Team, and Co-Matron of the Youth Choir. She loves teaching and is the Youth Sunday School Teacher for the Junior Class. In December 2012, she announced her call to the ministry to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ and was ordained in 2016.

Evangelist Veronica loves to mentor and help develop people, especially the youth, in their spiritual call to Christ. Laboring from her youth alongside, her mother and father, feeding and clothing the less fortunate and the elderly.  The Anderson Memorial Food Pantry in the Fifth Ward area was founded in 1987. She is called to evangelism to reach the lost, meeting the natural needs as well as the spiritual needs of God’s people. She is a Missionary in the Church of God in Christ and an intercessor in the body of Christ.

An administrator and Director of the Tribe of Zebulun, with Cassandra Scott Ministries, she continues the mission of Outreach to women, men, and children. Transformation Ministries, a quarterly in-home bible study, birthed to build prayer and bible study in the homes of families.

Evangelist Veronica and her husband, James Harrison Sr., have three beautiful children, Daria Monique, 24, James Anthony, 16 and Jaden Victoria, 11. 

Reuben is the first-born son of Jacob and Leah and his name means “behold a son.” Reuben lived with rejection, lost control over his own spirit, and fell into sexual sin and as a result lost his position to which he was born. Even though Reuben lost his position of first-born, he acted like a first-born. Instead of becoming full of self-pity or revenge, he demonstrated the fruit of repentance in how he lived the rest of his life. Reuben was grouped together with Simeon and Gad as the second group of warriors.


Robin Criswell
Minister Robbin Criswell
Serves as Director of the tribe of Reuben birthed out of the Tribe of Zebulon in 2012. She is also a part of the Cassandra Scott Ministries Administration Team. Minister Robbin is a faithful member of the Fifth Ward Missionary Baptist Church in Houston, Texas under the leadership of Pastor Leonard Barksdale. There she serves as a Youth Church and Sunday School Teacher, Director & Choreographer of the Lambs Of God praise dance ministry. Minister Robbin is married to Rev. Timothy Criswell associate Pastor of Fifth Ward Missionary Baptist Church. She is a natural mother of two Timothy and Emily Criswell and a Spiritual Mother to many young girls. Mentoring, Sharing and Encouraging women are three essential aspects of Robbin’s Christian journey. Robbin believes shared stories build a relational bridge that Jesus can walk across from your heart to others.

Simeon was Jacob and Leah’s second son, Simeon means “to hear.” Simeon camped and marched with the second group of tribes (Reuben & Gad). Simeon first fought alongside Judah to help Judah take his inheritance, and then Judah fought alongside Simeon to take his land. Simeon’s inheritance was completely within Judah’s territory. Moses does not give a blessing or prophecy to Simeon when he blessed the other tribes before his death. But, Ezekiel included Simeon in the tribes who would have territory in the coming kingdom.


Sabrina EcholsDr. Sabrina Echols – 1st Generation
Serves as Sr. Director of the Tribe of Simeon out of which have been birthed five (5) other Tribes: Gad 1st, 2nd & 3rd Gen. and Simeon 2nd Generation. Serves as Medical Doctor in the City of Houston Texas. Serves under the leadership of Pastor Remus and Mia Wright as Church leader at Fountain of Praise Church in Houston, Tx. Serves as a board member of Turning Point Faith Church under the leadership of Pastor Cassandra Scott. Author of the book entitled, “Voiceless.” Dr. Sabrina also serves as Mother, Daughter, Aunt, and Sister both naturally and spiritually.


2nd Generation – Minister Trudy Huff
Serves as Director of the Tribe of Simeon 2nd Generation birthed out of the Tribe of Simeon in 2013. Full-time ministry – Hospital & Hospice Chaplain for the last 19 years, Grief Counselor and Teacher. Associate Minister of Brookhollow (The Church Without Walls) Rev. Dr. Ralph D. West, Pastor. Married to the marvelous Mr. Keith Huff, Sr and mother to Keith Jr.

Gad was the seventh son of Jacob, his birth was welcomed by Leah with the cry “Fortunate!” The destiny of Gad was to suffer attack from the enemy. But, the end result would be his triumph. Gad was a great warrior. Reuben, Mannaseh, and Gad were described as being valiant men who were skillful in battle. Gad was granted their inheritance by Moses before Israel entered the Promise Land. Gad was faithful to their commitment and warred with the other tribes until the land was subdued.


shuwanda nelson
Pastor Shuwanda Nelson  1st Generation
Serves as Director of the Tribe of Gad birthed out of the Tribe of Simeon in 2012. She serves as Co-Pastor along side of her husband Pastor Jarvis. Pastor Shuwanda is a spiritual Daughter of Dr. Cassandra of more than 15 years. She is a Mother, Daughter, Sister, Aunt and friend both naturally and spiritually within the Body of Christ.







2nd Generation – Pastor Patricia McPherson
3rd Generation – Prophetess Veronica Bellamy


Joseph doesn’t have a tribe but is the first born of Rachel and Jacob. For his selfless leadership in saving his people he was given a double portion inheritance through his two sons Ephraim and Mannaseh. Joseph had many positive characteristics from which we should glean. He was a good decision maker, very versatile in the way he adapted to circumstances, strong sense of duty, and strict justice. He was exceptionally generous, exhibited self-control, as well as lead with prosperity and ruled within the system. Joseph was a great leader and had integrity and strength of character, he was sensitive, ruled from a place of humility, walked in unconditional love toward his brothers, and his faith in the Lord never wavered. The firewood that fueled Joseph’s passion, purpose and vision was a direct result of him hearing and believing what God had spoken. Joseph fully understood what God had spoken to him and about him was true no matter what the circumstance indicated. Like Joseph we are called to reproduce, save our families and a nation!


Pastor Kimberly Caldwell
Serves CSM as Director of the Tribe of Joseph. She, along with six (6) others, were the initial Directors under the administrative leadership of Pastor Cassandra Scott and CSM Ministries. Pastor Kimberly has faithfully served on the team for the past 2 ½ years. Her passion is teaching people how to locate and uncover beautiful gems from scripture. Almost three (3) years ago she founded “Fit for the Master’s Use” Ministries and has recently accepted her call to the pastoral office. In addition to being a wife, mother, daughter, sister and aunt, she’s employed with Radio One Houston as Senior Account Executive where she’s been for the past 10 years. Most importantly she’s consumed with depositing God’s Word into the hearts of His people by teaching believers how to listen to the voice of God, learn of Him, lead others and make God their personal priority by putting Him first and living life second.

Ephraim was the second son of Joseph but the blessing of the firstborn was pronounced on him by Jacob. His name means “double fruit.” Ephraim and Mannaseh were always grouped together and almost always treated as one tribe. When Moses blessed the tribes just prior to his death, he prophesied to them together. Many important leaders emerged from this tribe (Joshua, Samuel, and Jeroboam). Men of Ephraim were warriors that were described as being mighty men of valor, famous in their fathers’ households. It’s recorded that men from Ephraim contributed to the restoration of the temple.


Tina KolegasElder Tina Kolegas
The youngest of 7 siblings, born in Chicago, Illinois. Overcoming the lure of the streets to accept her call into ministry has brought this woman of God to a number of crossroads. Choosing ministry over entrepreneurship and business has brought her and those who receive her message of purpose in Christ… greater riches. Elder Tina is the overseer of Wisdom Worshippers. She has over 20 years of practical experience as a ministry and community leader, which she has used to establish Neighborhood Prayer Watches, Apostolic Go Teams and Soul Winning Rallies. These evangelistic outreaches were to focus on the needs, pressures and concerns of people in the community bringing hundreds to Christ, and many more into a closer walk with the Lord. Elder Tina teaches on real life experiences and biblical principles in a common language understood by all, to encourage them to give their life to Jesus. Not only does Elder Tina reach people of all nations, but she has a special gift to help leaders fulfill their God-given assignment. Elder Tina is known for her jovial way of interpreting the scripture with clarity and understanding. She also has wisdom on the application of Praise and Worship and her remarkable skill to locate Praise throughout the entire Bible. One of Elder Tina’s most notable strong points, is her ability to combine biblical truths and her understanding that the purpose of man’s creation is to Praise and Worship God. She is a licensed and ordained preacher… Her excitement and intensity in delivering the Word of the Lord has helped to revive ministries, restore pastors, rebuild churches and renew the hearts and minds of believers; as well as, non-believers to a new level of faith and commitment to God. Once you have experienced the explosive ministry of Elder Tina Kolegas, curses will be broken, reversed and void in your life. You will listen to Elder Tina with expectation, as she equips your spirit with an encouraging and empowering message to engage in a battle that is already won..! For the battle is not yours, it is the Lord’s..! 2 Chronicles 20:15 (KJV)

Manasseh was the first born of Joseph. Manasseh means to forget; to leap up and away. Half of the tribe of Manasseh chose to stay east of the Jordan along with the tribes of Reuben and Gad, they stayed there to fight and subdue the land. Gideon was from the tribe of Manasseh and the men of Manasseh fought with him against Midian. Manasseh also contributed to the restoration of the temple after the reign of King Asa.


Benjamin was the youngest son of Jacob and Rachael. Jacob called him “son of my right hand.” Benjamin alone of Jacob’s sons was born in the Promised Land, between Bethel and Ephrath. Benjaminites, in the southern kingdom of Judah, were assimilated by the more powerful tribe of Judah, but never lost their identity. Modern Jews thus consider themselves to be descendants of the tribes of Judah and Benjamin or are classed as Levites to indicate an affinity with the religious functionaries, who at one time exercised the priesthood in ancient Israel. Many mighty men arose from the tribe of Benjamin such as Mordecai, and Saul of Tarsus, who eventually wrote most of the New Testament. The message from the tribe of Benjamin is redemption. Benjamin was called of God, even as the youngest son, to train and equip the next generation of leaders.


Viola Tucker
Minister Viola “Pennie” Tucker
Serves as the director of the Tribe of Benjamin First Generation. She serves as an active member of Cornerstone Christian Center in Chicago Heights, IL under the leadership of Apostle Greg and Pastor Karen Howse. Also serves in the Cornerstone Creative Arts Ministry as a member of the Praise and Worship Team. She is a licensed hairstylist and business owner. She is also a wife, mother, daughter, sister, aunt, and friend to many whom she serves both in business and in ministry.


Dan was the fifth son of Jacob. Dan’s name means “to rule, to judge or to execute judgment.” Jacob’s blessing to Dan was that he would rule among the tribes. Dan was grouped with Napthtali and Asher. These tribes camped on the north side of the Tabernacle and marched out last, forming the rear guard. They were excluded from the list of sealed tribes in the Book of Revelation for pagan practices, but they were given a northern portion of land in future Israel according to the Book of Ezekiel. Samson was a descendent of the tribe of Dan.


Pastor Paulette Denise Turner

Paulette Sims

Pastor Paulette Denise Turner is a prayer pioneer at heart, giving the word of God entrance into the lives of God’s people through intercession.  She also knows

that preparation time is never wasted time. An evangelistic revivalist equipped to train the body of Christ, one life at a time, she is anointed to teach and open the truths of God’s word in fulfillment of 1 Timothy 2:4

KJV: God wishes all men to be saved and come into the knowledge of the truth.

A true “Ram in the bush” worshipper at heart — whatever the need be for worship: teach, preach, pray, dance, sing, administrate, WHATEVER the need — a true servant of the Lord, with the proper heart perspective that it is all done unto the Lord, not man, or for recognition (Colossians 3:23).

She has been a part of the CSM prayerline since the very first shift.  She brings 20 years of ministry experience to the line. Pastor Paulette works in Corporate America; is an entrepreneur; and an author of 3 books and several journals.

She currently attending Quickening Word Church in Houston TX, The pastors are Apostle Ida and Minister Joseph Ullrich.

Church:  Quickening Word Church, Houston TX

Asher was the eighth son of Jacob. Asher means “happy.” His inheritance in the Promised Land was along the seacost between Tyre and Carmel, some of the most fertile land in Canaan. This is the territory where Jesus turned water into wine and He revealed Himself as the “Bread of Life.” Moses blessed Asher with a blessing “equivalent to the most blessed of all the sons of Israel, the one who was peculiarly favored by the Lord.” The blessing of Moses also includes mineral resources of iron and bronze or copper. These were to provide “bolts and locks” for a strong defense so that the tribe of Asher would live in security. The words translated “leisurely walk: are literally “quiet strength.”


Felisha Anderson
Elder Felicia Morgan
The Director of the Tribe of Asher, birthed from the Tribe of Issachar in 2012. Minister Leader at Turning Point Faith Ministries for Intercessory Prayer. Under the apostolic leadership Dr. Cassandra Scott. Work for United Health Group for eleven years in various positions. Over 21 years of Insurance in Commerical, Dental, MHSA, Medicaid and Medicare. Completely dedicated to helping God’s people get to their next dimension in life.



Minister Evetter Hawkins
Serves as the Director of the Tribe of Asher 2nd Generation, birthed from the Tribe of Issachar in 2012. Ordained as a Pastor in 2004, serve as an active member at Cedar Lake Covenant Cathedral. Work for Genesis Healthcare as Director of Social Services, Vice President for the Georgia Northwest Region for the Nursing Home Social Workers Association. My heart’s desire is to empower and push others to their fullest potentials and not allow the past to determine their destiny and to only use the past troubles and circumstances as a stepping stone to reach into the future, to define and shape a clear purpose, a renewed life in Christ and spiritual principles to move forward and believe what God says is true of them and not allow circumstance to shape who they truly are. To teach and encourage others to look within their heart, soul, and mind and push forward with a renewed passion for life and not to allow any pass mistakes or flaws prevent future successes. Within each of us awaits a destiny of hope that is waiting to be unleashed.


Naphtali was the sixth son of Jacob. His name means “a doe let loose or communicator.” Jacob’s last words to Naphtali were: “Naphtali is a deer let loose; He uses beautiful words.” Meaning: his words were to have glory on them or to shine. Naphtali was part of the rear guard with the tribes of Asher and Dan and they marched together on the north side of the Tabernacle. Moses’ final blessing on Israel: Deuteronomy 33:23 says, “O Naphtali satisfied with favor, and full of the blessing of the Lord. Possess the west and the south.” Naphtalites are good communicators gifted to encourage and empower others with the redemptive truth of God’s word, as well as provide sound counsel to the oppressed and brokenhearted.

Evangelist Dionne Crump
Currently Serves as the CSM Director of the tribe of Naphtali, birthed out of tribe of Zebulun at the May 2012 Prayer Summit. Dionne also serves the Director of Education at Turning Point Faith Church under the anointed leadership of Senior Pastor Dr. Cassandra Scott. She is a Professional Christian Counselor as well as the Founder and Chief Executive Servant of Walk It Out Ministries,Inc [] A non-profit organization providing spiritual and mental health services that empower you to purpose and community education workshops that address needs of the people. Visit the website for more details. She is dedicated to seeing God’s people, “Walk It Out for His Glory!” Dionne is especially grateful to God for this strategic alignment with Cassandra Scott Ministries & other intercessors committed to push His vision of productive & powerful prayer forward.  You are Created2Produce!!!


Levi was the third son of Jacob. His name means “attached.” When Israel was in the wilderness, God chose the tribe of Levi as the tribe to maintain the Sanctuary and carry out the sacrifices. The sons of Aaron were designated as priests and the some of the tribe of Levi were designated to assisted the priest with their duties. Along with being the teachers of Israel, the Levites were also the judges of Israel. The Levites were responsible for carrying the Ark of the Covenant, any time the Ark needed to be moved. When in the wilderness, the Ark always went first to show the way to go. During the time of David’s Tabernacle, the Levites took on a new role that of singers and musicians. David had thousands of Levites who rotated around the clock singing, playing instruments, and prophesying before the Ark of the Covenant in his Tabernacle.

Minister Nora Green
Serves CSM as Director of the Tribe of Levi birthed out of the Tribe of Manasseh this year.

Nora J. Green is the director of the Tribe of Levi.  She lives in Chicago, IL.  Missionary Nora J. Green is a licensed Missionary/Evangelist within the Church of God In Christ.  She is the President of the Women’s Ministry at the church that she attends. She answered the call of the Lord on her life at a young age.  Missionary Green loves the Lord and is in an active relationship with him. She has retired from the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services after 25 and a half years as a Child Welfare Specialist/Monitor.  She has in no means retired from doing the work of the Lord. She is a wife of 21 soon to be 22 years in June of this year.  She is a mother of three living sons (one deceased son) and the grandmother of ten. She has been with the Cassandra Scott Ministries since January of 2011. She has been an active and faithful member to the Cassandra Scott Ministries. She started off with the tribe of Manasseh.  She was elevated to the directorship of the Tribe of Levi at the May 2013’s Summit. She and her tribe pray on Mondays at 7:00p until 8:00p. She currently has 9 tribe members and is believing God for more active members.

Church home:    Faith Temple Church of God In Christ, Chicago, IL
Tribe Administrator:    DeVera Jones



Apostle La Vetta Williams, Regional Director

Apostle La Vetta Williams – Having joined the “Cluster” called CSM International Prayercall in November 2010, Apostle La Vetta has served as CSM Regional Director since January 2013 to the present.

Apostle La Vetta was the founding Director (2011) of CSM Tribe of Benjamin, out of which were birthed three (3) other CSM Tribes, Dan, Ephraim and Benjamin 2nd Generation.

She also serves as an active member and leader at Cornerstone Christian Center, South Chicago Heights, IL; She serves as CEO and Apostle of More Like Jesus Ministries; Apostle La Vetta is a practicing Attorney and Counselor at Law within the State of Illinois for the past 27 years.

Apostle La Vetta serves as a natural and spiritual Mother, Daughter, Sister and friend to many throughout the nations of the world/within the Body of Christ; Countless Apostolic sons and daughters who relate to her as their “Spiritual Mom” emanate from the Nations of Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, Northeast India, South India and Nepal.


Prophetess Dana Carmouche, Regional Director
Serves as a Regional Director. She serves as a Prophet & Church Leader at Now Faith Christian Center under the apostolic leadership of Dr. R.N. Spiller in Houston, Texas, and is the visionary and overseer of Standard Bearer International Ministries (SBIM). Prophetess Dana is also an Education Administrator in secondary and post-secondary environments, coupled with being the CEO and Executive Coach for Destiny Consulting which provides leadership consulting in the private & public sector. Mother & grandmother of one; spiritual mother too many others and published author of “Divine Strategies for Prophetic Watchmen”.


Prophetess Kimberly Kerr, Director Ops/Ex and Administration

As a community servant at heart, Kim M. Kerr has committed her life’s work to breaking barriers, shifting mindsets and inspiring positive belief systems.  Kim, often referred to as the consummate “Connector,” has a passion for people that drives her to network and develop partnerships with industry, community and faith-based leaders.  This passion has opened doors for Kim to support several outreach organizations in Chicago including the People Reaching Out Center (shelter for homeless/battered women and children), Teen Living Programs (programs for homeless youth in Chicago) and Year Up (education reform organization targeting young people ages 18-24). She also provides life coaching for emerging leaders with efforts centered on mentoring those seeking to maximize academic and professional opportunities aligned with their dreams.  Kim formed the L.E.A.D. Now Forum (Live Empowered. Achieve Dreams) to expand her reach to like-minded leaders looking to sharpen their leadership skills.

Kim had the privilege to spread her wings in the marketplace by leading local, regional and global efforts.  She has overseen globally dispersed projects for corporations within the U.S. and across the U.K., the Caribbean, South America and Asia. She two decades of experience in human resources and consulting in the public sector in mass transit, non-profit organizations and in the technology services industry.  Kim has served clients as a staff and independent consultant for Xerox, Accenture, and  most recent with Capgemini Consulting.  Her specialty includes project management, change management, and strategic planning.

As an entrepreneur, Kim serves as the Chief Strategist of A New Dawn Consulting Group and Founder of Leading Ladies Foundation.  Under these umbrellas, Kim has supported corporations, ministries and small business ventures with strategic planning, special events, leadership coaching, and communications (web, teleconference and print). Kim has supported senior leaders in  global organizations and well-known ministries and outreach programs nationwide.

Kim earned her MS degree in Managerial Communication at Northwestern University, a BA degree in Communications at Governors State University and an Associates degree at Olive-Harvey community college.  Kim has completed professional development programs at DePaul University (organization development consulting certification), Keller Graduate School of Management (human resources management and project management), LaMarsh Global (Managed Change Agent certification) and Landmark Education (communication and leadership).  Kim is currently preparing to pursue a doctoral degree in Organizational Leadership.

Kim, a native of Chicago, resides in the Hyde Park community with her family.   For more information, visit

Tribe name:  Operations Excellence/Administration Team

The Director’s local church home: Zadok Worship Center

Tribe Administrator: NA



Has been involved in ministry at Houston Praise and Worship Center for 25 years. Bishop Rush is well-known in ministry and in the legal profession. He has been working as a criminal and family attorney for well over 30 years. He is familiar face at the Harris County Courthouse and is well-respected throughout the city of Houston. He is licensed to practice law in both the state and federal courts, with current emphasis on helping his clients avoid or overcome foreclosure. He is senior pastor and founder of Houston Praise and Worship Center and founder of the Bishop’s Circle, a pastoral and minister’s training school. He is recognized by the State of Texas as a “senior religious advisor.” He is also a community leader, a role model, a youth mentor and the author of “How Christians Should Handle Stress.” Bishop Rush and his wife, JoAnn, (Co-Pastor) have two children, Gerren and Cherish Rush, who are also actively involved in ministry.